Waking the sleeping giant: what YouTube did next

Waking the sleeping giant: what YouTube did next
Clearly, Google views YouTube as its sleeping giant. Mobile video is growing, with viewership of YouTube's top 100 channels growing by 80% in the year between July 2013 and July 2014. As Scobie explains, YouTube viewing is going in one direction – up.
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The Gloves Are Off
“Pumpkin Carving Ideas: 100 Unique and Simple Jack-o'-Lanterns”—headline, Puffington Host, Oct. 6; “Artistic Squirrel Carves His Own Jack-o-Lantern”—headline, TheDodo.com, Oct. 29 … (Carol Muller helps compile Best of the Web Today. Thanks to …
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Mayday Explains: When We Say “Money,” We Mean Conservative Money!
They published the videos that were submitted on a web site, and encouraged viewers to vote for the best one. Sadly … After nearly 100 video submissions and 11,000 votes cast, we are so excited to announce the winners of the #MAYDAYin30 video contest!
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