Wal-Mart's head of US online marketing leaves for startup

Wal-Mart's head of US online marketing leaves for startup
The head of marketing for the U.S. online business of Wal-Mart Stores has left the retailer to return to a business-conference firm he founded, a company statement said on Thursday. The departure of Brian Monahan after three years at Wal-Mart was …
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How to Learn Digital Marketing – Training and Course Overview
Digital media is an ever-changing and expanding mainstream. The realm of digital marketing is vast these days varying with numerous channels and marketing strategies. It is one of the few challenging industries that employ highly-skilled professionals …
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Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong
The biggest problem in marketing in the tech world today is that too many marketers do not know the first thing about marketing. Digital marketers — who, as marketers, really should be cynical enough to know better — have fallen into an echo chamber …
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