Walk Out With A Website – Website Building & Social Media Training Workshop- DMV Sessions- 2-Day Full Access Pass

Walk Out With A Website – Website Building & Social Media Training Workshop- DMV Sessions- 2-Day Full Access Pass
Event on 2013-03-02 09:00:00
Need a new website or help growing an existing website? In just 2 days, we help you walk in with an idea and walkout with a website… and a plan!



“97% of online consumers use the web to find local goods and services.”

BIA/Kelsey, User View Wave VII, March 2010.

“58% of U.S. small businesses do not have a website.”*

Google/IPSOS small business survey, June 2011.

Walk Out With A Website(WOWAW) is a series of empowering, productive, hands-on workshops designed to help everyday people plan, design, build, monetize, and promote a custom website in just two days. This is accomplished through eight comprehensive training sessions. Each 90 minute course focuses on demonstrating specific tools and services that you can begin to use with immediately.

  • Day 1- Session 1- “Plan Your Social Media”
    Learn to create a social media plan for yourself, your business, and brand.

  • Day 1- Session 2- “Plan Your Website”
    Learn to plan and prepare for your website project.

  • Day 1- Session 3- “Build Your Website”
    Begin building your website by setting up your domain, hosting, CMS software, pages, and menus.

  • Day 1- Session 4- “Customize Your Website”
    Customize your website theme, add new plugins and widgets to add new features to your site.
  • Day 2- Session 5- “Write Your Website Content”
    Learn to write project plans, proposals, video scripts, content pages, and blogs.

  • Day 2- Session 6-“Produce Your Website Content”
    Learn to produce podcasts, slideshows, animations and videos for your website.
  • Day 2- Session 7- “Monetize Your Website”
    Learn to use Paypal, merchant accounts, shopping carts, online stores and affiliate ads to generate revenue for your website.

  • Day 2- Session 8- "Promote Your Brand Using Social Media”
    Learn to promote yourself, your website, product, or service using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, video ads, affiliates and other methods.

This ticket provides full access to all 8 sessions, 16 hours of training over a 2 day period.
Learn By Doing!

Unlike many computer workshops, Walk Out With A Website appeals to techies AND non-technical people by teaching through a series of practical lessons and projects. Every moment of each day is scheduled to help move these projects forward. Theories and complex ideas are saved for further study later. By the completion of the training sessions, participants will have created one of the following:

  • A Blog

  • Company Web Presence

  • Portfolio Site

  • Private Social Network

  • Membership Website

  • Online Store

  • Online Training Website

WOWAW participants work on their own laptop or tablet computer, allowing them to create a comfortable digital workspace. They follow the lead of Expert Digital Media Instructors, who guide them thru the many decisions, tools, and processes that are used to build a website, create content, market a brand and sell online. They are supported by our Tech Ninjas Teaching Assistants, skilled designers, system administrators, writers, and multimedia producers who provide one-on-one coaching and answer questions in the areas where you need the most help.

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