Walkthrough of Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

See all five reports in the new Multi-Channel Funnels reports in Google Analytics, including the Overview, Assisted Conversions, Top Conversion Paths, Path L…
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13 Responses to Walkthrough of Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

  1. James Morris says:

    Does this sound like Will Ferrell to anyone else other than me? LOL

  2. pavkey88 says:

    Custom channel groupings are awesome. This is my go-to report whenever I want to check the performance of our campaigns

  3. retailer2k says:

    @CollegeSearch: that is why you tag your links using the Google URL-Tool.

  4. CollegeSearch says:

    2:12 This is a common misconception about “direct” traffic. Direct traffic simply means that the referrer is unknown. Depending on your website, having your site typed in the url box might actually only represent a small portion of what is shown as “direct” traffic. Direct traffic can include lots of things: such as email links, bookmarks, secure web searches, server or client redirects, and office document links to name a few.

  5. david140766 says:

    Only Google can launch a multi channel funnel repoort without funnels! and now gone live!

  6. david140766 says:

    Only Google can launch a multi channel funnel repoort without funnels!

  7. ExploretheBruce says:

    Glad I learned about this at SMX 2011 in Toronto a few months ago!

  8. TheResearch04 says:

    This information is has been one of the areas I was not sure if it were safe to use. But anything out there if we try hard enough to search it out, still comes right back with the results I was looking for. By reaching specific topics just working for living online is positive thing for us but we still have to keep up to date on recent changes. Establishing a positive but must have trust and loyal working relationship with other people hopefully can drive sales in a meaningful way.

  9. KasVegas1 says:

    can’t wait

  10. blastadvancedmedia says:

    Extremely exciting upgrade to Google Analytics. Being a Google Analytics Certified Partner we are happy that we’ve been able to test out this new functionality. It will be more exciting when all of our clients have access. For now we are posting articles on Multi-Channel Funnels so you can learn more about it.

  11. ChizelMonkee says:

    Looks kool, but I wish Google wouldn’t tease us with these features that are not available yet and don’t have a timeline for release.

  12. bctudor says:

    These reports will help not only measure, but will serve as a great metric to measure your messaging across channels.

  13. Karl Fung says:

    This is the report we’ve been waiting for.

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