Wall Street Ledger has Posted Interviews with Executives from SilverWillow Energy, Bengal Energy Ltd and MGT Resources

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Wall Street Ledger has posted interviews with executives from SilverWillow Energy, Bengal Energy Ltd and MGT Resources. Giving each one of us the knowledge of what their business is all about.

SilverWillow Energy is an oil fence focused company. The company is purely oil fence company within Northeastern Alberta. According to Mr. Howard Lutley, P.Eng

President and Chief Executive Officer, “We basically have two projects that were working on right now.”

Highlights of the interview:

— First major project is the Odette project, which is 110 kilometers which is up 70 miles northeast of Fort McMurry which is the center of the oil fence industry.

— Second major project is the Virgin Mountain prospect which is our exploration target which is 75 miles north of Fort McMurry.

— Released of new resource estimate.

Audio link: http://www.wallstreetledger.net/index.php?id=463

And here’s Chayan Chakrabarty, President, Ceo and Director for Bengal Energy Ltd stated “Bengal Energy Ltd primarily is focused on three onshore projects this year and the next. These three are scattered across two particular basins in Australia and India.” The first basin being the Cooper Basin which is an onshore basin in Queensland and the other is the Kaveri which is in the southeast of India.

Highlights of the interview:

— Three projects that Bengal Energy Ltd is focusing on and will be in the next little while.

— In Kushnir, there is existing infrastructure in place in the context of a pipeline from their Kushnir property to the nearest battery and Koch.

— There are three major things going on in Tukanuka.

Audio Link: http://www.wallstreetledger.net/index.php?id=458

MGT Resources is based in Australia and our projects are in Australia, specifically Queensland on the Eastern Coast of Australia. Jonathan Back, Chairman and Managing Director said, “We have two basic projects a tin project near the City of Cairnes in the north of Queensland and a gold exploration project further to the south near Townsville.”

Highlights of the interview:

— The tin project is coming into operation right now but then theres also exploration upside in projects like the gold project near to Townsville. Thats the headline view.

— It is possible that the company will look to strategic alliances for the future but as of the moment, they don’t need it right now.

— The company is unique because they are one of the very few tin companies.

Audio Link: http://www.wallstreetledger.net/index.php?id=464

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