Walmart Workers Arrested at Yahoo! Headquarters

Five activists were arrested at Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, June 24, 2013, in a protest over the firing of eleven Walmart employees who thi…
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14 thoughts on “Walmart Workers Arrested at Yahoo! Headquarters

  1. They are civilly disobeying at the wrong place. They should try their own stores such as Walmart. Yahoo is just like Google and protesting Yahoo won’t do much unless you have millions of people protesting with you. Now if every Walmart employee went on strike then that would make an impact. That is my opinion though.

  2. Avg associate’s wage =$10,000 yr. Walmart’s CEO over $30,000,000 yr. Vote with your dollars people. It’s hard to give a billionaire another dollar when you are impoverished. Also their stores are so big you can’t find anything.

  3. Walmart allows unions in many countries in the world except Canada and the US. In a job interview I had with a North Vancouver Walmart, they asked me what was my last job, I told them the carpenters union and I got a 2.5 hour harangue about how bad unions were. Since I didn’t get the job, I should have said how wonderful it is that the Waltons have a $188 million bunker, the five have a combined fortune of $300 billion-equal to the bottom 42% of all Americans and that’s doubling every decade.

  4. The problem is that this is on private property, which allows them to be removed, detained, and charged with trespassing.., if they would have stood on the the sidewalk outside of the building, they could have sat there all the live long day.

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