Walter Lewin, MIT professor: “All of you have now lost your virginity… in Physics!” (interview)

Lewin’s physics lectures at MIT are legendary. What does he think about bad professors? This is what he told us in an interview at Barcelona (Spain), Feb 15. More info:
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11 Responses to Walter Lewin, MIT professor: “All of you have now lost your virginity… in Physics!” (interview)

  1. lanarizsuperlativa says:


  2. Muhammad Atef says:

    Bad teachers are criminals…. You are right prof. Lewin, but they do not make people to hate physics only,in fact they make people to hate their life.

  3. orthant says:

    MIT shines because of Walter Lewin and Marvin Minsky.  And nothing else.

  4. A3racada3ra says:

    I also study physics, and this professor really helps me to get the essential principles behind the equations. That’s what professors should be like. I don’t like learning stuff by heart. I want to understand. If you understand the principle, then it isn’t difficult to derive the equations.

  5. KristalaStar says:

    i wish i had such an amazing porfessor in college i may have finished if i had him

  6. SpiderSN says:

    Consider that this man was born in 1936! And he is so vivid and passionate for his job: Teaching!

  7. Daniel goo says:

    ooh cul but too bad I’m in So. California. lol

  8. freedomwriter11 says:

    He is doing a series of lectures at MIT to the Public now. If you’re around the Boston area I’d recommend checking it out. Every monday and friday till July 20th. 11-12pm Room 6-120. No registration required.(But be early it gets full pretty quick)

  9. GT45000 says:

    I wish my teacher wa like this rather then a droning boring fuck

  10. my00z says:

    I wish my teachers were this cool.

  11. BiGSH0TROB says:

    This Man is From Holland! High Five!!!

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