Wander 行走

Wander 行走

Image by casawood
深圳 何香凝美術館,
Hexiangning Gallery, OCT, Shenzhen,
Ricoh GRD II,

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3 Responses to Wander 行走

  1. javier1949 says:

    你好,我是 AA Ubercool 群組的管理員,我們希望將其新增至該群組!

  2. md763 (trying to catch up... again) says:

    Great lines and color Este es un premio desde Uber Cool Graphic/Architectural Image, por tu aportación al Grupo!! This is a prize from Uber Cool Graphic / Architectural Image, for your contribution to the Group! Uber Cool Graphic/Architectural Image! Please experimentally submit to the AAUbercool Group

  3. casawood says:

    Thanks a lot for your generous comment : )

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