Wanna Be a Small Business SEO Superstar?

Wanna Be a Small Business SEO Superstar?
Google's major Penguin, Panda, and other algorithm updates over the past few years haven't significantly changed the search engine optimization (SEO) game for small businesses. And while SEO can feel very much like a moving target, the goal has …
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When Reputation Management Issues Hurt Your SEO Program
In addition to negatively impacting potential customers' impression of your business, a poor online reputation can also make it harder to find link and content partners for your SEO program. Columnist Casie Gillette offers her tips for improving your …
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5 SEO Myths That Should Be Forgotten In 2015
Your customer should be the boss and the content should be targeted to them, not Google. Content is nothing without proper context, relevance and great promotion strategies. Otherwise, everyone would get away with their rogue SEO techniques of using …
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