7 Responses to Want a gmail account?

  1. Peter says:

    guess everyone already has one :) i only have six :(

  2. kokogiak says:

    Having three gmail accounts, I just discovered I now have 150 invites… and nobody left to give them to. So, the fifty-seventh person to ask in this thread can have one of mine.

  3. mikecpeck says:

    If you wanna give them away, check here

  4. cafenut says:

    Did they refill everyone’s invite count? I still have one, so I guess that’s why I didn’t get more yet.

  5. smaynor says:

    Hey, Cos, send me one, pls.

  6. dodgyhoodoo says:

    If they’re still going… :) (moonbeast at orange dot net) Cheers. You can never have too many email addresses.

  7. OAndreas says:

    fridge at jaw5 dot net thanks in advance

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