Image by Thomas Hawk
Wapfever.com, seems to be an image downloading site similiar to imagelogr that was shut down yesterday. This time they are hosting your images without attribution or links back and allowing people to download your images directly from the site under their wallpaper section.

Check your flickr name here to see which images of yours they are ripping off.

Thanks to Burnt Umber again for the heads up.

There’s a thread on this in the Flickr Help Forum (where I’ve been permanently banned it would appear) here.

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8 Responses to Wapfever

  1. MªCristina says:

    ermmm And what do we do?

  2. iamchanelle says:

    SO frustrating! i found some of my images there as well. >:(

  3. torbakhopper says:

    i always love seeing what they actually choose. i’d say they picked some pretty weak ones from my collection. but honestly, i’m not a pro and i’m not out pimping "my" stuff (sheesh, all i did was point and shoot and make a few adjustments, hahaha), so i guess, truthfully, it doesn’t anger me that someone is ripping my stuff off and making money by selling it to someone else or simply giving it away for free. indeed, i kind of secretly enjoy the possibility that someone else got to see an image that made itself known to me? is that weird? i think the whole "ownership" of this kind of stuff is sad. i know for some people it’s their bread and butter, but i guess i don’t think 99% of the camera using population fits into the bread and butter crowd. but we sure do love getting credited!!! hahaha at least one of the images that they’ve attributed to my pseudonym (the naked lady, ahahaaha), isn’t even my shot or in my stream

  4. MannyWallace says:

    Interesting..I have a couple there as well.

  5. aepoc says:

    :( This is gut-wrenching :( What is wrong with people that makes them feel it’s okay to steal our images?

  6. TW Collins says:

    Thank you for letting us know, Tom. They have 45 of my photographs, including some that have been altered. The photos in question have both Creative Commons and All Rights Reserved licenses.

  7. noeltykay says:

    This sucks! I see some of mine over there.

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