Ward Homola of Infinite Color Inc., Offers Unique Free Consultation For Design Project

Vancouver, Washington (PRWEB) July 10, 2008

Infinite Color believes prospects and clients deserve the right to completely free consultation on design projects before anyone contracts or lays down hard earned money, and has created a unique free consultation service for them on its web site http://www.infinitecolor.com.

Infinite invites individuals with marketing problems, ideas, needs or intentions – be they large or small, individuals or corporations – to tell them what their difficulty is. It will offer solutions at no charge. It specializes in web sites, print solutions, branding, logos and hosting, but will consult on any design concern.

“We believe it is cost-effective for both our clients and us to know exactly what is needed before we accept a project,” (Ward Homola/President) says. “No time is wasted. That’s why we’ll consult in depth before you buy.” It’s large bank of U.S. clients appreciates the offer, but it’s open to all.

It’s award-winning print projects offer many print solutions and cover many formats: promotional projects, advertising, posters, one to multi-colored fliers, annual reports, full-color catalogs, logos, and will entertain any print design project you want to broach – or want consultation on.

It understands the power of color and design, and combines the two to give you eye-stopping projects.

Web Sites Offering Solutions

Its gallery of web solutions on its site shows solutions it created for clients with specific marketing problems. For example, one cabinet manufacturer faced the dilemma “should we go highly visual to exhibit our products, or try to capture business with verbal descriptions?”

Infinite solved this by creating an eye-catching video stream that shows viewers the company’s products while they read. It works automatically. It continually has the viewer looking at intriguing designs before going back to reading.

In the hosting area, Infinite’s view is it should host a client’s web site after it has done the job to give its clientele trouble free site viewing, for if the site is not working it’s not selling. And Infinite wants its clients’ web sites to sell.

Technically, it can meet your needs in just about any format or program you want due to its state-of-art equipment and skills.

Clients Must Lead, Not Follow

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