Warehouse Robots at Work

IEEE spectrum (spectrum.ieee.org) takes you inside Kiva Systems’ robotic warehouse, where orange robots make inventory move instead of workers. Over time the system becomes increasingly efficient, with the robots learning from the wisdom of the crowd. To read more about Kiva Systems and how their robots work, check out the article at http
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22 thoughts on “Warehouse Robots at Work

  1. The world is coming to a point where unskilled labor is no longer needed. If you look at it, the job of the guy filling the order could be (relatively) easily fulfilled by another part of the robot system, creating a humanless system. Thats why I design/program robots for a living

  2. Well you could reduce work hours and redistribute the work you know. If there are 100 people each working 50 hours/week and 20 of them are replaced by robots, you now have 80 people working 50 hours/week and 20 unemployed people. So just cut working hours to 40 hours/week, and have all 100 people work 40 hours/week instead. In the US people work more hours with less vacation than the rest of the developed world, so it would hit 2 birds with one stone.

  3. No, vote Romney and all jobs will be outsourced. In the USA you get to buy anything but have no job and no money to do so. Also, vote Romney to make sure you are not educated enough to run the robot factory.

  4. I was hoping the announcement of new Amazon Warehouses meant more jobs for America, but no, it’s more awesome robotic automation to wipe us out! So much for that.

  5. They’ve got a robot to bring the worker the product, but they can’t get a second robot to fold a box and put a label on it? Seriously, the person who ordered the product on the web already decided what was going in the box. I don’t see a reason to have an employee in the equation here, and once you’ve taken the human out of the room, it seems that instead of moving the shelves you could have tightly packed shelves with smaller robots.

  6. thats when company howner should draw the line …. i mean is it that hard to hired like 2 or 3 more people .. after that they ask why there is no more job …

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