Warehouse23 clan, c. March 2006

Warehouse23 clan, c. March 2006

Image by Vanlal.
artist:: Thenork

Back Row: Jarkkoolives, Riff, Sylph, Synkronos, Hot Stuff, Der Zilla, Nikatoni, Moth, Hot Pasta, Fnord7

Third Row:Marshall, Kavall, Alice Cat, Warehouse 23, PaxSarah, Trog Dor, Chatbot, TavernWench

Second Row: EyeSpeculum, Borax the Clean, Devil’s Advocate, Fujiko,

Front Row: Bete Noire, MojoMaiden, WereBear, Fusilliban, Mojomadness, BlackBeltDuck, Blythe, Tavella

A history of our clan, written by Chubbles.
The entry on Warehouse23 in the KoLWiki.

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2 Responses to Warehouse23 clan, c. March 2006

  1. Vid14 says:

    So cool . Should have shaded it. Where are you?

  2. Vanlal. says:

    I’m a shade. I haven’t played in over a year.

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