Warning over social networking 'snooping'

Warning over social networking 'snooping'
The sophisticated technology relies on websites such as Facebook and Twitter to build a detailed picture of people's lives in a move that could raise concerns over breach of privacy and civil liberties. The system has been created by Raytheon, the US …
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Business Guest Blogger
The most common interaction with the power of the crowd, at least for me, has come in the form of Kickstarter projects. I haven't personally started any, but I've funded a few and been pitched many more. Of the projects I've funded, five …
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Trick your lazy brain into being more productive
The problem is, you are perfectly aware that it would most benefit you to check that item off your to-do list immediately, but you still don't start. Seconds, minutes, hours pass until the clock strikes two and you have yet to thoroughly complete a …
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