Was Apple 'MySpaced'? Is Google Next?

Was Apple 'MySpaced'? Is Google Next?
It's Google too. Both of these companies need to worry not just about out-maneuvering each other but out-innovating the now insatiable desire by consumers for the next new thing. With the ease of switching smartphones as a starting point, consumer are …
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Google Concedes That Drive-By Prying Violated Privacy
SAN FRANCISCO — Google on Tuesday acknowledged to state officials that it had violated people's privacy during its Street View mapping project when it casually scooped up passwords, e-mail and other personal information from unsuspecting computer …
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Silent Movies Gone Google: Browser Lets Users DIY Title Cards
Google just launched The Peanut Gallery, a new tool for its Chrome browser, which allows users to add their own title cards to clips from classic movies. And you don't have to be a film buff to see these black-and-white silent pictures for what they …
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