Watch Dog Website Wants Consumers of Background Check Services to Understand How the Services Work

(PRWEB) February 04, 2013

The use of thorough, criminal background checks has always been a vital source for hiring employers and individual consumers doing private inquiries for services such as hiring nannies. As technology and readily available online information expands, conducting background checks has become a relatively fast and easy process. Today, all it requires is a little data entry and a few clicks of the mouse to get a detailed background screening. It is no longer the painstaking process it once was, leading more and more employers and individuals to use a variety of available online criminal background screening services.

Research conducted by the watch dog group, has identified five of the leading, online criminal background checking services. The primary focus of the study was to compare which service offers the most complete and accurate results. The truth is, there is a lot of junk online regarding the topic of performing criminal background check. All of them mention various tips, tricks, services and resources, but nobody explains why they work says Criminal Background founder, Darren.

The mission of the site is to give potential consumers of the service a detailed reason on why some background checking services work better than others, in addition to offering tips.

In the study, identifies some of the leading background screening sites. At the top of their list is, U.S Search, which is pointed out as being the oldest service of its kind with the most experience and currently offers the lowest pricing among the five services researched. It also has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Second on the list was Intelius, a company formed in 2003. There is currently no rating for them from the BBB. Darren from Criminal Background says Intelius is the most popular background search company of all five on the list with several million unique visitors a month. The company is also very transparent on what is offered and what the consumer gets. Darren also explains, the consumer should be weary of this site if offered 20% off of the service purchased. He explains on his site that this is only valid if the consumer remembers to cancel within the 7 day trial period.

Another on this list is The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) which is among the leaders when it comes to employment background checks. The employer must first obtain a signed authorization by the applicant in order to use NAPBS. They are a non-profit organization and have the best results in regards to employer background screening.

Criminal Background wants to inform users of background screening services to be weary and to do their due diligence before picking one that will cater to their needs and requirements. Below are some useful tips provided by Criminal Background before a someone decides to utilize an online screening service.


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