We Can’t Wait for Windows 8 (…and News You Can Use)

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13 thoughts on “We Can’t Wait for Windows 8 (…and News You Can Use)

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  2. They *haven’t* dropped support for legacy Windows programmes. Only Windows RT loses that support, Windows 8 on x86-based processors will still be able to run everything Windows 7 can, in addition to the Metro-style apps.

  3. Chris, I agree with you on every point about Windows 8 except for dropping legacy support for traditional Windows programs. Do you know how many businesses depend on traditional desktop applications? The Windows operating system powers so many businesses around the globe that there is no possible way that Microsoft will be able to drop support of these programs anytime soon. Sure, you and I may not need the desktop, but businesses do, and Microsoft needs businesses. 🙂

  4. Why would regular uers update to W8? I believe it will be another Vista for MS. People are satisfied with W7 (like they were with XP) and have no real reason to switch to a totally unfamiliar new version. And on the mobile front IOS and Android are well established and far ahead in everything. Touch on a desktop screen is mostly useles and cleaning fingerprints all the time is no fun. That will be a total fail. MS is in trouble and W8 won’t be the solution. It will accelerate the problem.

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