Web 2.0 List of 128 Directories Now Published Online at Marketer’s Black Book

Hartford, Connecticut (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

MarketersBlackBook.com has released its web 2.0 list of 128 directories online. This published list is designed to help business owners to select the best sources to acquire listings. 2.0 directories are one way that a website owner can use to increase the search engine positioning in top search engines. The list can be accessed at


This new listing online is offered at no cost to companies that use these strategies for search engine manipulation to help position a website higher in search engine results for sales increases and branding.

Search engine marketing has changed since the early days of Internet growth in the late 1990s. The rise in competition between businesses in like industries and new entrepreneurs has crowded many of the top search engines. Companies like Yahoo, Bing and Google have all made changes to the way that search engine results are selected for display.

The new 2.0 strategy of using directory listings is one way that can be used to help improve the position of a website. The MBB published list is one strategy this company offers to help companies succeed online.

The interaction with social media websites is now one of the ways that website owners can use to achieve higher search engine positioning. Many 2.0 social websites offer interaction with consumers and it is these social signals that can be used to help with rankings. The new listing published online now provides one of the largest sources that website owners can access for this information.

New improvements to the MBB website have helped to introduce more training programs and information to companies and entrepreneurs. The involvement of streaming video is now helping to deliver information faster and to an assortment of mobile devices. Due to this these distribution methods, the MarketersBlackBook.com company has launched its own YouTube channel online at http://www.youtube.com/marketersblackbook.

The website and videos are now updated regularly to help those building a brand or promoting products or services to find helpful tips and strategies to use.

About Marketer’s Black Book

The Marketer’s Black Book company was founded in 2010 and remains one of the largest resources online for marketing training and new business consulting services. By offering proven strategies and methods for earning income online, business owners and entrepreneurs that use the MBB website can apply these techniques without attending training programs. The Marketer’s Black Book online and in-person seminars were launched in 2012 and are now one popular resource to learn more advanced marketing training. The growth experienced by this company this year is expected to continue in 2013.

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