Web Design 101: Development Basics

Web Design 101: Development Basics

This wee, in our third episode of Web Design 101, an in-depth case study on how to create a web site, Jose and Aure go over tools like CSS and WordPress that…
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  3. I used to be pretty good a BASIC programming on the Commadore 16 and 64, and when the Amiga came out, it was like the shell had taken away the need to even just use that command function to, 10 LOAD “whatever”, which was like the gateway to drawing ever increasing sqaures or something. I always recall the feeling of being dis-empowered somewhat by this advance which removed coding from just the immediacy of loading a game. I’m keen to make a website work however so thanks for the 101 series.

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  5. Just letting people whom may seem out of it. Web design is not web development; sorry to burst your bubble, but design is client side, development is server side. The title is misleading in its own, but realistically they are not the same and anyone who tells you that is quite dumb. With text editors, simpler is better. Anyone who tells you to buy a text editor is stupid beyond belief; you won’t learn if they are clickable tools that do the job for you.

  6. First, you need a text editor. There are hundreds out there so depending on your os I will name only for the mac. The basic free ones for the Mac are textwrangler and sublimetext. Once, you get more experienced I would recommend coda 2 because it’s got more features and the ftp support really really comes in handy. There is also dreamweaver but I doubt you would want to pay $400. Coda 2 cost $75 though but trust me it’s totally worth it! Visit codecademy and start on the web fundamentals course!

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