Web Design 101: Visual Design Basics

This week we continue our long-form lesson plan in teaching you how to design a website. We go over exactly what you need to know when making a website from scratch. Also, we have our third segment of Prepping for Launch. For more episodes and a full schedule, visit thisweekin.com

14 thoughts on “Web Design 101: Visual Design Basics

  1. Fantastic video again. once again you’ve introduced certain ideas and processes that we will be taking on board. Please stop throwing balls though. it distracts from the valuable information you offer

  2. Guys, I like your intention in terms of producing a good podcast or webshow or whatever you call it, but, is it really necessary wasting 9.32 mins. to finally get to the first real useful statement? why not cutting the chitchat off and get straight to the valueable content? I’m sure you’d have a lot more viewers if done like described above. Just a little hint from a pro.

  3. I like your show. You introduced ideas and processes I’ve never thought of before and will be implementing them in my business. So, thank you and please keep up the awesome job. I think the ball throwing actually distracts from the conversation more than hearing “actually” or “like” repeatedly.

  4. Thanks for posting this! If you need help customizing your zen cart store check out our channel for our free Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorial library. If you have a specific question or video you would like to see, just leave a comment on our channel.

  5. Took your input. Note the more recent episodes we are getting right into it. Better yet we are going to start doing “live” redesigns on air so that you can watch the process as we go through it VS. talking about it.

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