Web Design: From Concept to Comp

Watch the new version at www.youtube.com A time-lapse video showing the creation of a comprehensive layout for an HTML5 website, by building upon the wireframe in Photoshop. Design by Tim Potter {tejpotter.com} Music by Escape Fails {http

12 thoughts on “Web Design: From Concept to Comp

  1. Phil, the tool used for this was Adobe Photoshop. The tool doesn’t produce a website, just a visual of one that can be used as a blueprint for coding. Hope this answers your query.

  2. hey.. very impressive! 🙂 It would be incredibly helpful if you could share the tool you used for the design.. Can you use/import this file as a whole to represent your domain/website?? I’m assuming one can set up hyperlinks etc., using this design tool..? FEEDBACK MUCH APPRECIATED!! 🙂

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