– Web Design – How do I design a brand identity for my web design agency?

Agency In a Box: theskoolrocks.com Love the people who make this show possible: Go to YouEye.com to get a free user test. Sign up and get 10% Off the Pro-Account Use the Code TWiWD And Chrometa.com. Win a new FREE iPad3. Ends THIS FRIDAY! No purchase necessary. Just go to http Join our Summer Skool on June 30 for a hands on “Iron Chef Style workshop” on UX & Web Design. Sign up at theskoolrocks.com Join our Inner Circle and get monthly coaching from Jose and Aure for your web design practice and projects. It’s only a month and it helps support the show. www.twiwebdesign.net Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow TWiWebDesign on Twitter: twitter.com Follow us on Google+ bit.ly The people who make it all possible: Chrometa – www.app.chrometa.com Youeye – http Our Media Partner: HOW Interactive Design – www.howinteractivedesign.com Our Education Partner The Skool – The Standard Process for your online business – www.theskoolrocks.com ———————————————————— In this episode we answer the question How do I design a brand identity for my web design agency? We will answer the following 3 questions: 1. Where do I even start? 2. How do I choose a font style, colors, icons and images? 3. What are the biggest mistakes that people make with their brand identities? Resources from this episode: Possible Worldwide: possibleworldwide.com Sapient sapient.com HUGE hugeinc.com Wolf Olins wolfolins.com Studio Fluid studiofluid.com Blind blind.com
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  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words. Now that I know people are looking at the site, I will encourage our designers to post more content to reflect our culture and point of view.

  2. This show is awesome and I learn a lot from you guys, really enjoy watching you guys thanks for everything! I’m going to do my best to attend one of your workshops

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