12 Responses to – Web Design – How do I design an awesome logo for my website?

  1. James Stafford says:

    Thx for the details.

  2. James Beckwith says:

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  3. howtomakeawebsite5 says:

    Great information.

  4. Dietoas Young says:

    good guess then,since Indian are very keen for computer science,African are very into fundamental revolution,i guess design will never be one layer Tech-Knowledge which i can’t grab at all.

  5. TheSkoolRocks says:

    LOL. No we didn’t know. We just guessed. : )

  6. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Your are very welcome. Thank you for watching. Glad that you are always learning. What topics would you like us to cover?

  7. mcpanth says:

    Great episode! Always learning something new :) Appreciate yall effort into these lovely videos, continue yer great work!

  8. Dietoas Young says:

    you just know it that i am Chinese.

  9. Host March says:

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  10. qwerty66482 says:

    Thanks a lot of your reply I means that if you focus more on quality tutorials views and likes will definitely increased.

  11. SpecTechHD says:

    Don’t listen to haters. This is a very informational series! I love it.

  12. nuclearhappines says:

    No HD :(

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