– Web Design – How do I user test my web designs?

Check out our sponsors: Go to YouEye.com to get a free user test. Sign up and get 10% Off the Pro-Account Use the Code TWiWD And Chrometa.com. Win a new FREE iPad3. No purchase necessary. Just go to http In this episode we answer the question: “How do I user test my web designs?” We will answer the following 3 questions: 1. What is user testing and why should I do it? 2. What are the different methods for conducting user testing? 3. Can you break down the steps for me? Resources from this episode: youeye.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow TWiWebDesign on Twitter: twitter.com Support us by joining the producers program. Learn more here: twiwebdesign.com Our Sponsors Chrometa – app.chrometa.com Youeye – youeye.com Our Media Partner: HOW Interactive Design – howinteractivedesign.com To Learn Basics lynda.com teamtreehouse.com howdesignuniversity.com Join the Producers Program: twiwebdesign.net Follow Jose on Twitter twitter.com
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