– Web Design – How to ask your client the right questions?

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5 thoughts on “– Web Design – How to ask your client the right questions?

  1. That is a great topic. I think that dropbox and beanstalk are worth it even with a small team or solo. If you have a client you already have a small team. I focused my practice to behave as a large entity even when small.

  2. I’m still back-tracking some of the videos I have missed, so topics may have already been covered. A recent question I’ve been looking for answers towards is working efficiently in a small team/solo. What would be a solid workflow to aspire towards? SVN Systems (such as beanstalk) with deployments, dropbox, pre-processors etc.. Do all these tools really make for a better workflow, or just a waste of $ until you are in larger team environments? If you have

  3. Thanks rupelto! I do feel like you are there. Included is totally the right word. Out of curiosity, what issues are you keen on that we cover? If we where to do an episode just for you what would you want us to talk about?

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