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  1. Jose Caballer says:

    Yes. But the pricing is abstract. Meaning that it’s based on time and materials of an agency at the size and scale of mine at the time. As it pertains to what the budget should be for a business of the size of TWi at the time – it would have been considerable less. It depends on who’s POV you are looking at it from. EG. Should a start up like TWi at the time page 100k or even 50k for a site? No. Should an boutique agency charge that much? Up to the business model.

  2. Mia Orantes says:

    Jose, was this TWi proposal for a WordPress site?

  3. Jose Caballer says:

    Try the links again. We fixed them!

  4. Karolis Steponavičius says:

    Can you please send me the Capabilities Presentation and TWi Proposal Examples ?

  5. TheInternetTraining says:

    Hey i just watched your amazing video thank you for this. Please can you check out my channel and tell me your opinion? Thanks

  6. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Exactamente Alvaro! Pequeño pero grandote! : ) 

  7. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Glad it was inspiring! Great feedback thank you! 

  8. Simon Oliver says:

    thanks, really inspiring. Its made me have a much needed kick up the ass about how I present myself to attract better clients. Though hey, you talked about listening but when your guest was talking to you, you were not distracted with your laptop. Great stuff though, looking forward to more shows.

  9. Alvaro Diaz Castro says:

    Gracias Jose, hoy aprendí mucho en 46 minutos con How to Sell Web Design Like a Pro!. Guiar al cliente, trabajar y lograr resultados como un pro aún si eres pequeño. Solo la gente que te va a contratar es quien tiene cómo permitirse ese lujo !!! Cierto, así comienza el video, cómo lograr que un cliente llegue a mi dispuesto a invertir miles y no cientos. :)

  10. Jose Caballer says:

    Thanks Super, Let me know what I can improve.

  11. SuperFranchise09 says:

    so poor at presenting a show

  12. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Out of curiosity, what exactly is it that you don’t like about Lynda’s methods?

  13. TheSkoolRocks says:

    We tweeted the link. And will fix it for you! 

  14. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Have you seen our other videos? The reason I do “I” is to share my experience vs telling you what to do. Which would then seem bossy. But I understand your POV and it’s value. So thanks again. – jc

  15. baretings1 says:

    Wish i could win a subscription to lynda, i would pay the full price but im a broke student at the moment. studying very hard over the past couple of years.

  16. clocknane says:

    I honestly do not care for Lynda.com and their teaching methods. Also, this video seems a bit self-centered. If I may offer some advice, while it is good you have knowledge in this field, and while it is good and nice of u to share your ideas with the world, you may want to alleviate the I’s in your video where you refer to yourself or talk about yourself in a 1st person perspective. It comes off a little arrogant and u do have an arrogance about u just the way you carry yourself. Just Advice.

  17. Jose Sanchez says:

    I like Linda.com is a great source of information to learn , I use it a lot.

  18. Tony Fatouros says:

    Hi, really like the show but went to the two links above for the Capabilities Presentation as well as TWi Proposal Example and unfortunately I am receiving a 404 – Page Not Found error. Are you able to correct this as I’m keen to get onto these. Thanks.

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