– Web Design – Online Marketing Basics

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  4. If you take most of your time on something you will remember it. This is Youtube and it is easy to get distract watching a lot of videos. Some times people can’t even remember all the videos they watch. If you can take 30 minutes to watch a video it will be easy to retain everything and to remember it- in a different, but good way.

  5. Permission Marketing, lol. I hate those adverts that want interaction. I just leave em to time out or I leave the page. Adblock and Safari ‘pop-up block’ forever too.

  6. Also, can you tell me what do you watch in general. For example: Do you A. Watch more “how-to tutorials” or B. “Interview shows”

  7. They say this over and over, this is not a tutorial show. You’re not going to get step by step instructions on online marketing strategies, or any topic for that matter. These talk shows are more about providing food for thought. As a seasoned professional, I appreciate the kind of conversations that take place in this series. I’ve learned a lot from these shows as far as shifting the way I think about projects. If i need more technical information, I go and find it.

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