– Web Design – – Web Design – How do I design great icons for my website?

- Web Design - - Web Design - How do I design great icons for my website?

www.twiwebdesign.com This Week in Web Design helps you accelerate your Web Design career by teaching you the Creative, Business, Technology and Marketing secrets from our expert hosts and guests. Our Sponsors app.chrometa.com http Use Code Web40 Our Content Partners: www.theskool.co Join us LIVE every Tuesday at 2 PM PST or 5:30 EST at: www.justin.tv How do I design great icons for my website? Today we answer the question: “How do I design great icons for my website?” How do I pick a style? Or what program should I use? Illustrator or photoshop? Can you show me how you build one? Stick around and watch us work. We will answer the following questions: 1. Do I use icons as wayfinding? 2. What style should I choose for my icons? 3. In what program should I create them? Resources from this episode: To Learn Basics: www.lynda.com teamtreehouse.com Join the Producers Program: www.twiwebdesign.net Follow TWiWebDesign on Twitter twitter.com Follow Jose on Twitter: twitter.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com
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  1. howtobuildawebsite11 says:

    Great information.

  2. E Hedley says:

    Get to the point!

  3. howtomakeawebsite5 says:

    Good Stuff. Thank You.

  4. blodssome3332 says:

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  5. powerslamreviews says:

    I love video marketing and it looks like you do too!

  6. riz chelsea says:

    Thanks for sharing this Great Video.I LOVE TO SEE YOUR VIDEOS REPEATEDLY because they are Unique & Contains lot of Information.

  7. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Thank you for commenting! Keep on watching. (And commenting!)


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  10. rosy22140 says:

    Hello, what entire upload an video.? This video was very interesting. I really appreciate this video.I m sure to be very useful for me to investing.Thank your valuable information.

  11. 216tvdotcom says:

    First time commenter long tkme viewer, I love this show I watch it

  12. TheSkoolRocks says:

    That is actually a solid idea. I think it would be great to do an episode on brand strategy that helps remove the “abstract” from it.

  13. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Thank you. Much appreciated.

  14. TheSkoolRocks says:

    : ) Yeah - I like it without the timer too. Lot less stress. I can breath more.

  15. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Glad you like it. That is our goal – to have our viewers drive the show. Keep on giving us feedback!

  16. nuclearhappines says:

    i meant the former but both would be cool… come to think of it, theres a part in the documentary “the greatest movie ever sold” where they break down morgan’s personal brand and advise him to contact potential sponsors of similar attributes… interesting excercise

  17. TheSkoolRocks says:

    Are you referring to me repeating the topic and the questions at the beginning?

  18. TheSkoolRocks says:

    I agree. You are saying to show the difference between styles based on the attributes that describe them? Or how to decide of visual language based on “brand attributes”? That is a great episode idea.

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