– Web Design – What is SEO?

Whether you’re interested in digital marketing for your business, the tools needed to build your company’s website, or the technology behind mobile app creation, Full Sail University’s degree programs can introduce you to a new skill set to apply to your goals. For More Information visit – Learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace with Top-quality video courses taught by expert instructors with real-world experience. Try FREE for the first 7 days by visiting – Love the people who make this show possible: Full Sail University – – The Skool – Like us on Facebook: Follow TWiWebDesign on Twitter: Follow us on Google+ Our Sponsor: Full Sail University – – Our Media Partner: HOW Interactive Design – Our Education Partner The Skool – The Standard Process for your online business Follow The Skool’s Twitter Twitter – ———————————————————— In this episode we go to Full Sail University to talk about SEO. ———————————————————— Special Guests: Rob Croll Program Director, Internet Marketing Degree Amy Cloutier Course Director, PR classes Jake Johnson Department Chair and Course Director ———————————————————— Resources for this episode: adwords
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6 thoughts on “– Web Design – What is SEO?

  1. Great topic and video. I agree with Jose and think he did a good job allowing the guest expert to talk and listening to them. Jose is a great host and I value the experience he brings to the show… which is the whole reason I started following the show in the first place almost two years ago.

  2. Thanks for the input Crtiky. I re-watched after your comment and actually thought I didn’t do a bad job, and let the experts talk. I did provide some commentary and my own opinion. I happen to also be an expert with 16 years in the web space. Should I not be allowed to comment?

  3. farout the interviewer babbled way too much and couldnt let the guests get on with it. some advice for you… if your interviewing experts on a given subject keep your non expert opinions in your own head, and let us enjoy their informed opinions drawn from experience.

  4. Hello Thisweekin, After a brief hiatus, I will be coming back to the Internet Marketing world. I love the layout of this video, and it has made me reconsider my choices of colleges. I hope all goes well, and I am proud of the great work you have done.

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