– Web Design – Will We Make It? Midsprint Redesign Recap

This week’s episode sees Jacob, Jose, and Aure cross the halfway mark towards the delivery of the ThisWeekIn website redesign MVP (minimum viable product). After designing and implementing the individual show page, the team now must construct a home page for the network as well as implement and customize the backend for the client. Watch as host Jose Caballer guides our programmer and designer through a scrum-based approach to complete the project within the three weeks remaining! Get off a purchase at GoDaddy with promo code “web40”: www.godaddy.com 01:45 Questions from the Producer’s Program 04:45 Clarifying the site hierarchy and taxonomy 05:45 Jacob talks about best practices for designers to handoff art assets to a developer 07:15 Illustrator versus Photoshop 09:15 You can get off of a purchase at GoDaddy.com 12:15 Aure starts sketching 13:45 High-fives over Chrometa! 17:45 Designing entry points for users on index cards 20:45 Organizing the shows on the network into a guided pathway 25:45 Inspire. Educate. Entertain. 26:45 Competitive audit. 29:45 Integrating the company’s core competencies into the logo design and layout. 35:45 Jacob updates the team on the challenges of working with Drupal on a tight timeline. 38:15 Drupal is gaining steam in corporate use. 44:45 Talking about goals for the new year for the show and the network. 49:45 Jacob talks about differentiating between content types in Drupal 54:45 The Final Countdown: are the guys going to
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  1. I keep hearing you guys talking about PDS vs. AI… like PSDs using pixels & layers & slicing etc. You can work in pixels, create layers & turn them on or off, & slice images for web just as easily w/ Illustrator. Illustrator is a powerful design program & utilizing it just to draw shapes seems like a waste of resources. My opinion, doing layout in Photoshop is as wonky as buiding a website in MS Word… even though it can be done, that’s not what it was originally created to do.

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