Web Development from Scratch

In this new series, aimed at newcomers, I’m going to teach you, from scratch, how to work with the necessary technologies to build web pages.
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14 Responses to Web Development from Scratch

  1. Garrett Bodman says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  2. Jonathan Wu says:

    you forgot Dreamweaver.

  3. demond bivins says:

    notepad is where it’s at :)

  4. triforcelink says:

    Nope! Should have started 17 years ago! j/k any age is a good age to start.

  5. masterheier says:

    I’m 17 years old. I this a good age to start?

  6. thaepikbunneh says:

    Plus, I want to make design MMOrpgs anyways. I want to make kids games. Like,Roblox, Free Realms, Rune Scape. But you have to start somewhere. Supposedly.

  7. thaepikbunneh says:

    I understand how to build web pages. That’s not the problem. What I, and most everyone else does not understand is how to actually get it on the internet independently. (That made no sense, right?) Well, I don’t udnerstand how and if you can build one without going through some annoying service. Like paying for servers and such.

  8. carlo coronacion says:

    Today there you can develop website without learning a code but i believe at least you need to learn the basic/

  9. Stan Kemp says:

    sound good, i never heard about Scratch. really excellent video about teaching web development technology. I have more one video related to this topic, which i send you in responses. so hope u like ..

  10. riz chelsea says:

    Nice Video. Thanks for explaining .It is very helpful to web developers.

  11. walshygel2 says:

    Ironic that notepad’s website looks shadey

  12. victorspot says:

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  13. Mamata Khanore says:

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  14. DigitalSoulArts says:

    you obviously don’t know anything about web design 😀

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