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e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog: e-StrategyBlog.com This question and answer session about Web Marketing is from a Communications 2.0 Presentation www.youtube.com The presentation was given by Ann Treacy of Treacy Information Services and David Erickson of the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog at e-StrategyBlog.com. VISIT the eStrategy blog e-StrategyBlog.com AND the eStrategy After Hours blog AfterHours.e-Strategy.com SUBSCRIBE to the Daily Numbers eNewsletter bit.ly LIKE eStrategy on Facebook: facebook.com FOLLOW eStrategy on Twitter: twitter.com
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  1. Joseph Duplantis says:

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  3. dondada1000 says:

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  4. adenawittrocketf says:

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  6. jefffaldalen says:

    Great video and I look forward to your next one. Hey if you get a chance, stop by my channel and check out what I have going on. Let me know when you have something up

  7. Hyveup says:

    Basic stuff, students pay for this?! I got to be a university 2.0 professor, for real!

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