Web Page Ranking Tip – Avoid Pagerank Sculpting

Web Page Ranking Tip - Avoid Pagerank Sculpting

www.melbourneseoservices.com In this clip, David Jenyns reveals one vital web page ranking tip: avoid pagerank sculpting. This used to be a method of trying to funnel as much link juice as possible to certain pages through No Follow tags. David reveals that Google has changed the way No Follow tags work so pagerank sculpting isn’t the best path to follow for on page optimization. Watch the clip to get more of David’s explanation. This video clip is taken from the Melbourne SEO workshop. Get the entire workshop and discover more information on optimizing web pages. Visit: www.melbourneseoservices.com

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  1. These videos were taken from a bigger presentations… it was actually meant to be watched all in one go. Might be worth grabbing the DVDs from the url mentioned in the video for clarity. That said, as you indicated… leave it dofollow and have the appropriate text is the best way to go.

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