Web servers enrolled in Pratchett tribute

Web servers enrolled in Pratchett tribute
The idea to mimic the Discworld tribute was first floated on social news site Reddit, which has acted as a hub for supporters of the idea. There is also … Instructions of how to include it in the most popular operating systems for web servers are now …
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Turkey blocks Charlie Hebdo's website, 48 others
The ruling imposes a blanket ban on the websites of Charlie Hebdo and Turkey's first atheism association, while blocking individual pages of Ekşi Sözlük (Sour Dictionary) and İnci Sözlük (Pearl Dictionary), two hugely popular forums, as well as pages …
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Government Is Crashing the Internet Party
The Internet is the most open and inclusive economic arena in world history. With it, a student in his or her dorm room is just as capable of creating a popular service as any billion-dollar company, a single mom designing T-shirts in her living room …
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