Web Site Security Certificates Soon To Be Free and Easy

Web Site Security Certificates Soon To Be Free and Easy
"Then why don't we use TLS (the successor to SSL) everywhere?" Up until now, Aas continued, the problem has lain with the challenges involved in obtaining and installing SSL/TLS certificates for Web site encryption. Such certificates often require an …
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The Top 10 Ski Resorts In North America For 2015
This data is more valuable than numbers reported by resorts on their websites and in their marketing grist because, as mentioned before, those numbers can sometimes skew away from reality. Speaking of snow, Lake Tahoe resorts are conspicuously absent …
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Federal gov't health websites come up short
Its investigation finds that federal government websites meant to give Medicare patients basic consumer tools instead fail to provide adequate information on out-of-pocket costs, and even quality of care. The GAO report, obtained by The Associated …
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