Web-to-Print Solution Provider PrintUI Announces Cross Media Output

Today PrintUI, an award-winning leader in web-to-print cloud based services, PrintUI Professional and EasyPrintUI, announced new key features to enable customers with the ability to succinctly produce more cross media communication. Leveraging Adobes InDesign, a widely used multilingual publishing platform, PrintUI technology is focused on providing customers with true and easy to use cross media cloud based marketing services.

Were extremely pleased about the new cross media features for PrintUI, said Mark Hilton, founder and CEO of PrintUI. We believe these features will greatly benefit our customers because they will eliminate the extra time and limited resources often needed to produce fully functional marketing materials for todays global companies.

New Cross Media Services

PrintUIs powerful InDesign-based template technology can be used for Cross Media integrated marketing campaigns that share common content to edit once and generate:

HTML for micro sites that has been customized either programmatically or via the PrintUI web editor.
Companion HTML tailored for an email campaigns, but optimized for email and with a link to the micro site.
A high-resolution, print-ready PDF that has a link to the micro site.

HTML Microsite: The PrintUI editor can be used to create HTML microsite content such as landing pages, product pages and banner ads directly from InDesign. Specifically designed to best match the original layout including font whenever possible while maintaining live text when possible. The average export of HTML takes under one second.

HTML Email: Starting with an HTML email template from a service, such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact, the user matches the text style and custom IDs, to that of the InDesign template to produce the customized email.

Editable links in web editor: Recognizing the need to edit URL and page links for both accuracy and SEO optimization, a new component has been added to the PrintUI web editor. This new component allows customers to add URL and Page links to their documents.

Interactive PDF preset: Standard PDF presets do not support external links and require additional editing and cannot be changed once created. Exporting PDFs with PrintUIs new Interactive PDF Preset will ensure text includes functioning hyperlinks that will prove useful when creating downloadable datasheets and product information.


About PrintUI

Founded in 2012 by former Adobe and print industry executives and based in Santa Cruz, Calif., PrintUI, Inc is recognized as a leader in SaaS solutions and technology that allow companies to plan marketing campaigns and distribute customized cross media marketing collateral globally. PrintUI solutions remove the gap between corporate marketing and local marketing and sales by providing graphic and branding professionals access to centralized marketing materials for global distribution. For more information please visit http://www.printui.com. Follow us on Twitter: @printui

Forward-Looking Statements

PrintUI continues to focus on optimizing the entire marketing process including social media and looks forward to announcing upcoming enhancements to provide a true cross media output.

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