Web2.0 Startup 99Polls.com Version 1.0 Officially Launched

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 31, 2008

99Polls.com offers a simple approach to making polls, which you can post nearly anywhere on the Web. 99Polls.com poll-creation tool requires no knowledge of HTML or coding, and once made, the poll can be posted on blogs, Web sites, and social-networking profiles.

99Polls.com polls will easily fit your web page, they can be customized with themes, color schemes and future design will also include logos and picture-polls, 99Polls.com offers multiple-choice answers and a way to see the current results prior to voting and also all public polls are available to be browsed by categories, tags, popularity and ratings. In the next version you will be able to see what page the poll is listed on, which will make it a Web-exploration tool as well.

“Individuals can use 99Polls.com to create and interact with polls on any topic, they can monitor and share by exporting polls to their blogs, Web sites or other social networking sites,” said Jeff Weinstein, CTO of 99Polls.com

“In addition to covering a wide variety of topics including politics, business, current events, sports and entertainment, 99Polls.com poll directory is expanding to include international content as well. Polls already exist and are being distributed in Japanese, and other languages,” commented Weinstein.

Version 1.0 which launched today features the ability to create unlimited free polls with unlimited votes per poll, the polls can be embedded later on your MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, Xanga, Friendster, Orkut, LiveJournal, Hi5, Freewebs, WordPress and many other Web2.0 Services.

After a successful private beta phase and testing, the public version of the site looks cohesive and simple to use, signing up is easy! Just follow a few wizard steps to get yourself a new shiny flash widget customized poll for your website, blog or profile.

“Using the Flash components we were able to build a Webware that can be embedded nearly anywhere on the Web, Creation of new poll requires no knowledge at programming languages at all, polls can be edited later on after creation or closed when it reaches certain number of votes if you wish, you can view the stats and you get a free webpage at our website with all your polls and the availability to promote your website,” said Ron Schmidt, Head of R&D Team.

In addition to the silky look of the Web polls available at 99Polls.com, each poll is enhanced with various features that create a strong Webware: Creating a Yes/No or Multiple choices polls, Voters are being identified by IP address and cookies, Full foreign language support and much more.

“99Polls.com blends interactive Web-based polling with elements of social networking to create a place where the world shares its opinions,” commented Weinstein. “We would like to receive all the feedback from our users to improve the experience while creating a strong free polling system on the web.”

99Polls – http://www.99polls.com


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