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Yo babes my girl Raven tagged me she’s a 100% pro ~ bunch more description under the showmore right here ~ – What are your 3 most visited websites? – Which of those would you cut outta your life real violently just shazam its gone? – Who was the first YouTuber you watched regularly? – What’s your favourite YouTube video of all time? – Which YouTubers would you like to be best friends with? I love doing a video response gotta do more video responses!! oh MAN that’s really OLD-SCHOOL YOUTUBE using crappy cameras and making video responses I’m… getting even more excited about that as I talk about it SPIFFINGTON MANSE Shaun Micallef is basically my comedy idol if he was a vlogger I’d wanna be friends with him even more than pindippy YO RACTALFECE VLOGGER KING and Bag Me at ractalfece is unlike any other vlogger and he’s friggin incredible PINDIPPY aka Jessie Cave she makes a series called Flat Whites which is totally boss and yeah she has this unearthly pacing to her videos that are like the opposite of what The Men tell you to do like it’s extended cuts it’s not super fast pacing at all but it works SO gosh darn well I’m very inspired by her videos seriously if you’re… tired of The Youtube Style like zefrank, vlogbros, ….. me…. then check out ractalfece (even though he’s gone) and pindippy because they’re doing stuff that is just not being done in vlogging even if you’re not tired of it go broaden
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Webcam Tag

  1. WadjetEye100 says:

    It took the rest of the video for me to recover from you tagging ke$havevo. I don’t know why, but I just found it hilarious.

  2. sarah burns says:

    BOH3M3. Oh, I miss those days.

  3. simplystatic says:

    omg the white text is back

  4. yes1sir1no1sir says:

    Whats the opposite of “I hope I am poor forever and i don’t live forever and stay ugly with no friends” Does everything change and i become a intensely rich, immortal, Liam Neeson look alike with loads of friends? if so…SCORE!!!

  5. SmileyFacesUnite says:

    “Nose rub means lying I had had it open for ages.” You’re welcome.

  6. theleakycrucible says:

    haha coodle-doodle-doo was that an arrested development reference?

  7. missradicaljocy says:

    Who picks Bulbasaur as their starter? Charmander FTW!

  8. latenight2006 says:

    When Brad O’Farrell had the chance to pick one of Ractalfece’s videos to feature back in ’07, why oh why did he pick Re: you, me, and problems with the world? A video that was sure to create animosity from most of the Youtube audience. Ractalfece had so many other awesome videos. What was Brad thinking? It was that moment that sealed John Holden’s demise on Youtube. I sure miss that guy. And yeah….Bag Me was a cool, weird video.

  9. SquintBones says:


  10. krashdown102 says:

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  11. Motleyleppard101 says:

    Is that a highlander katana on the shelf ?

  12. GreenCristina says:

    I discovered TheHill88 in pretty much the exact same way. 😛 OLD SCHOOL YOUCHOOB.

  13. XxiloveGWxX says:

    Those motherfucking millisecond pop up sentences gah

  14. savedalice says:

    Amen brother. It is hot.

  15. superdooperdragon says:

    missed u

  16. Aresman70 says:

    love you too man

  17. thegreengeckoxD says:

    come and live on my mantlepiece, and just say stuff. I’ll feed you.

  18. LoopyDoodler says:

    i love you

  19. Bentzie Moonhunter says:

    Do you have a girlfriend?

  20. hstuyt says:

    wait, how does that tagging work? except for pindippy it seemed like random channels. wat

  21. keenly says:

    lonelygirl is better than you!

  22. Splashy151 says:

    YOU!? BEARD!? no, NO!

  23. konohamarutard says:

    yay you said screw facebook 😀

  24. andy1855 says:

    feel free to go the extra mile and let me know what the thing he is working on is

  25. Angel77777771 says:

    You get crazy eyes a lot… xD

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