WebHostingProvide.com Creates Family Domain Name Email Addressing.

Santa Cruz, California (PRWEB) July 31, 2005

It’s amazing when you think about it. No one has yet produced Family Email Addresses for Families based on their Last Names ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WIDE WEB. That’s NOT UNTIL TODAY!

There is now an Internet company that creates Domain Names and Email Addresses based on ANY LAST NAME for ANY FAMILY, anywhere in the world.

Let’s say YOUR OWN NAME is “Smuckers”. With a name that GOOD, you have to have an EMAIL and Web Site Address to MATCH. Wouldn’t you agree?

You’re Bernie Smothers and you have a Daughter – Julie Smuckers and a son Richard Smuckers. Your wife’s name is Susan Smuckers and you have a dog named ‘Birdie Smuckers’

Well, now INSTEAD of “Bernie_Smuckers890034565@yahoo.com” or “Julie***Smuckers3421524@aol.com” You can now have:

Bernie @ Smuckers.com

Julie @ Smuckers.com

Richard @ Smuckers.com

Susan @ Smuckers.com

Even Birdie @ Smuckers.com

IF you want to include YOUR MOTHER IN LAW or even your Next Door Neighbor you can ADD THEM. Add as many Family Members as you want to your FAMILY DOMAIN NAME with PERSONALIZED EMAIL.

It’s quite the Rage. Webhostingprovide.com is getting thousands Per Day to Personalize their Email Addresses. Someday EVERYONE will have THEIR OWN PERSONAL FAMILY NAME DOMAIN and Email Addresses WITH Family Web Sites too for sharing photos and Family News. EVEN VIDEOS

Webhostingprovide.com Even Includes the Web Site and all paraphernalia you need to make your web site sing out to the world. All at the BreakThrough Price of only $ 9.95/mo INCLUDING YOUR INTERNET ACCESS (High Speed Dial Up – Broadband connections for slightly more.)

FOR MORE INFO or to GET Your Family Domain Name and Email Address Today –

GOTO: http://www.webhostingprovide.com

OR CALL: 888-660-0080 Today

NO OTHER WEB Hosing Provider has put all this together in one amazingly low priced bundle.

Web Hosting Provider with Positive Feedback from millions of users. Soon to be one of the most popular web sites on the web. Host your site now. Get your Family Email Address to match your physical address and stature in the community.

Email has been boring for long enough. Now we spice email up with Family Email Last Name Domain for Easy searches and Easily Remembered Email Addresses.

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