WebMeUp SEO API Users Can Now Get More Data from the Server Faster

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2014

WebMeUp, an expert software house behind all-in-one web SEO software, free and powerful backlink tool and SEO API, today announced that users will get even more value from professional web optimization data they get via WebMeUp SEO API. In addition to working much faster, users will be able to specify location they want to check keyword positions in Google for and get the most accurate rankings.

*About WebMeUp SEO API*

WebMeUp API (application programming interface) is designed for developers who already have, or are about to design their own apps. The API lets users get a variety of data for professional site optimization and make it available for clients of their own through custom interface.

*What today’s update is about*

3 major improvements have been introduced to WebMeUp SEO API:

(1) x4 times more requests to be sent from the same IP,

(2) x10 times faster response for backlink and keyword related methods,

(3) location to be specified for get-rankings and get-keyword-serp methods.

For more information about API methods and pricing terms, visit this page or contact the Support Team.

“We’ve been marketing SEO API for 6+ months now, and quite a number of software developers have opted for the API to back up their tools with outsourced SEO data. It turned out that many high-end SEO agencies have in-house solutions for SEO reporting, and they also found integrating particular API methods into their reporting solutions cost-effective,” says Irene Turchynovich, VP of Business Development, who manages the SEO API Sales.

“Whether you’re developing an app of your own or need a laser-focused reporting solution for your customers, contact us directly to negotiate the optimal API package to meet your business needs,” continues Irene.

*Other products by WebMeUp*

Apart from the SEO API, WebMeUp two more flagship products:


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