Website and Blogger DIY Workshop – Olympia

Website and Blogger DIY Workshop – Olympia
Event on 2016-06-02 12:00:00
Want to set up a blog or website? I am offering Website and Blog DIY Training in Olympia that is designed to help you take your business from no website at all to a full online presence in a week.  This workshop is for individuals and small businesses that have no website at all and are ready to start from scratch.  This is a beginner level workshop.  This is a two-day program with a week between sessions. Session-1 (1-Hour) – 2 Jun 16 In this first session we will help you secure a domain name, acquire hosting and install the WordPress Platform to get your site ready to launch.  Once that’s done we’ll place it on the back burner to simmer while we talk about; themes, plugins, and content development.  When you leave this first session you’ll be ready to explore on your own and you’ll set a couple content development goals to bring with you to session 2.  I Session-2 (1-Hour) – 9 Jun 16 In this second session we’ll put your plan into action!  In the class we’ll walk through installing themes and plugins.  Then we’ll create some pages and posts.  We’ll close with a quick, “SEO 101” where I’ll explain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the basics of getting found online. Bonus Session In this bonus session I’ll follow up with you on the phone (15-30 minutes based on your schedule) to make sure things are running smoothly and that you’re off to a good start.   After this I’ll be available by email and you’ll always have a 10% discount to attend any future training. What to bring with you: Required Items: Computer* – with Wi-Fi and an updated internet browser & (don’t forget your power cable) Pen and paper Some ideas for the domain name you want to register Some ideas for content and layout – a list of sites that inspire you Recommended Items: Mouse – it just makes it easier Lunch – this is a lunchtime event so bring a brownbag or cooler, a fridge, or a food truck – just don’t go hungry.   Costs The cost of the workshop is set to make this the most affordable option possible.  You’ll need to register on line in advance for the class – seats for this sort of training fill fast and this class is limited to 8 students per session.  Total cost for a full website/blog and two training sessions is less than .00.  Event: 3 Sessions .00 total Domain Registration: About .00 per year.  Prices start at .00 but the average is .00. Hosting: We use  Prices start at .95 per month.  FAQ: Q: I have no experience at all.  In fact I struggle with computer basics.  Can I still particpate?  Of course you can!  We will walk through each step to make it as simple as possible.  You'll be amazed how easy and fun this is. Q: I can only make it to one session.  Can I still particpate?  If that's the case, lets work something else out and save the slot for a person who can make it to both sessions.  There will be other opportunities.    Q: Can I use a tablet instead of a laptop? Probably not.  Although tablets such as iPads have a great deal of functionality they are not as user friendly when it comes to the fine details.  Generally, for the first session everything can be done on a tablet (or even a phone) so if you want to try it out that would be the time.  But a laptop is best.   Q: What if I already have a domain name registered?  No problem.  Just ensure that you have access to the domain name registration.  We'll need to get access to get your name servers pointed in the right direction. 

at Comfort Inn
4700 Park Center Ave NE
Lacey, United States

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