Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals

Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals
Event on 2013-12-17 19:00:00

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You're a master of Photography and/or Graphic design perhaps an interior designer or painter. The thought of staring at a page of code is frightening at best. Don't worry. We were all there once.

Ready to build your website? This 2 hour "for beginners" intensive seminar will demystify the world of web and break down complex subjects into digestible chunks understandable to a novice. In this lesson we'll focus on the fundamentals, an overview of tools and terminology and start looking at basic HTML and CSS. We'll see free resources for learning at your own pace online and by the end of the course you'll have built a basic web page. We'll also discuss content management systems like WordPress and why you might use them. Also we'll discuss the fundamentals of SEO (seach engine optimization) and how you might apply some of these basic principles.

Light refreshments are provided.

About Simple Labs

Simple Labs is a 21st Century communications agency with an education component. We help creatives learn the entrpreneurial and tech skills they need to re-invent themselve, create side-hustles and start their own businesses. 

About the Instructor

Lara is a freelance web designer and developer, instructor, and fresh NYC transplant from Pittsburgh. She currently teaches the Front-end Web Development course at General Assembly and works part-time for the Institute of Play at Quest to Learn, a public middle/high school that is reinventing education through game-like learning. More at

Here's what people have said about Website Bootcamp

“Its a great resource and very helpful for others that are interested in the technology. I hope it keeps going and people keep exchanging ideas and experiences

“I would love to attend other sessions!

“I learn something valuable every time I attend!

Who should take this class?

There are two types of student who will benefit from this class. Graphic designers, photographers, design/graphic professional etc. Are you in a creative field and your clients, customers, employers keep assuming that you know how to build a website? Does the sight of code scare you? Then this class is for you. Small business owners, gallery owners, studio managers etc. Have you contracted out your website in the past but were unhappy with the results? Didn't understand what the developer was talking about? Need to ensure you aren't getting taken advantage of when getting a quote for a website? Then this class is for you.

What will I learn in this class?

The three hour survey class will talk about conceptual topics that are important to know about building a website such as what a server and client is and how they relate. We will discuss things like FTP and file storage. We will discuss HTML and CSS and build a basic webpage. We will also discuss topics such as WordPress and Drupal and why you might need them. We'll also cover SEO concepts and metadata. By the end of the class you should be able to build a basic webpage and format it with CSS. You will also have a list of resources to pursue for further learning.

One of the goals of the class is to give you the tools to discover where you are in relation to web development and where will need to be. We start with the assumption that everyone will need to learn a little bit of HTML and CSS and then cover a range of topics that will be important to know about. Not everyone is going to decide to be a web developer but knowing what you need to know is powerful.

Can I take the class again?

While you will probably be surprised at the amount of information we will cover in the three hour time span, as with most learning it’s repetition that will really make it stick. Where to go from there is up to you. During the class we will discuss a number of resources available for further learning such as websites and books. They’ll range from free discussion-based forums to courses that you can take online at your convenience. Taking the class more than once can help cement ideas as well as review what you’ve learned and see how far you’ve come but isn’t necessary.

What sort of background should I have prior to taking the course?

While the course is designed for creative professionals (photographers, graphic designers, print designers, architects etc.) it will be useful to anyone who has a basic understanding of how to use a computer and a need or desire to learn HTML or CSS and web server adminstration. If you know how to use a mouse but code scares you then this class can help. If you are a self-paced learner but unsure of where to start or if terms like server and CMS are overwhelming to you but your career requires you to learn them, you are right for this course. If you don’t know what the phrase “google it” means or how to do it then this class may not be the best for you. Take some basic computer classes and come back when you feel a little more comfortable using your computer. This class appeals to the creative mind. This right-brain approach to learning HTML/CSS should appeal to anyone who sees this as a valuable skill to have in their professional or personal lives. It’s recommended that you have a Apple Macintosh computer as we will be discussing specific programs that you can use on this platform. If you have a P.C. running windows that’s probably O.K. but it will be more conceptual and not specific.

Should I bring my computer with me?

Great question! While it’s always nice to have a computer to take notes they can often be a distraction to others and yourself if you are perhaps not looking up when important information is being given out. Bringing your computer should be fine provided you are respectful of the time of others and aren’t too distracting from the topic at hand. The class shouldn’t have to come to a halt if you are trying to build your webpage instead of listening to the discussion. So the answer is yes, you can bring your computer but please be respectful when using it during class time.

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