Website Design That Gets Results and Search Engine Optimisation – For Practitioners

Website Design That Gets Results and Search Engine Optimisation – For Practitioners
Event on 2013-01-23 09:45:00

Jayney Goddard says:

"Make 2013 the year that you commit to moving YOUR practice to the next level".

Website Design That Gets Results – AND Search Engine Optimisation: Specially For Practitioners

Jayney Goddard Says:

"Your website is your "Shop Window" and there are very special steps that we practitioners have to take in order to make our sites work for us – to attract the right kinds of clients – while remaining compliant with EU law and ASA rulings.

Make your website work as hard as it can to achieve your targets right now; you’ll not only learn how to design your website for Maximum Effectiveness, but also how to make it Appear as High As Possible in Search Engine Rankings (Search Engine Optimisation). 

I’ll even show you how to put up your own cost free website in less than an hour – if you can ‘cut and paste’ you can work this site! 

Needless to say – I teach all this in a jargon-less, geek-free manner."


What will I get out of attending this MasterClass?

 This fascinating and inspirational workshop features the following;  

  • Prior to the workshop, you will receive a special online questionnaire that you'll complete which will help you to focus on where you currently are with your business and where you want to be.  We analyse the results of this so that we know exactly how to assist you – and your business. (NOTE: To participate in this amazing opportunity and to allow us to properly analyse your personal results you must enroll on the course before the 31st December.)
  • You'll learn how to put up your own website – easily and simply. AND you don't need to be a geek! If you can 'cut and paste' you can do this.
  • You'll learn how to assess what needs to go on your site – and where on the page you should put the most important information.
  • Do you want a website that actually works – is streamlined, attractive and gets you the results you need? I'll show you exactly how to get this.
  • You'll learn how to be in control of your own content on your site so that you can update your pages whenever you wish.
  • Do you want a site that is fully functional and can even host shopping and payment facilities – so that people can pay for your products and services online? All these features can be integrated in a straight-forward manner and I'll show you how – live!
  • I'll teach you how to add video and other important media to your site -easily. I'll also teach you exactly why you need to do this!
  • Most importantly – Do you want your site to be found – among the billions of other websites out there?  By maximising your Search Engine Optimisation strategies you can and will achieve this. I'll share the most important SEO tricks and techniques with you – so that you can have your site climb the internet rankings – and be easily found.
  • Do you want to come to a MasterClass that has on-going after-support? NOTE: Jayney Goddard is running these small group MasterClasses so that she can give you the individual attention you need – after all, each practitioner is unique and faced with a unique set of business challenges – Jayney wants to personally help you identify and address these – which is why she is running these smaller group events. 
  • Much More . . . .  Yes there really is much more on this workshop day.  You are probably wondering how we can pack so much in.  Well – the secret is that I use a set of accelerated learning techniques that mean that we can cover vast amounts of information – in such a way that you'll be able to use it immediately and easily.  Plus, we are always available after the event if you need to chat with us.  We do send you lots of follow-up emails – and surveys, so that we can track your progress and offer any help if it is needed.
  • ALSO: We are so committed to your success that we stay in touch long after the event to support you – you are never left to 'just get on with it' – on the contrary, we make ourselves available so that you have all the support you need.

Who Should Attend?

This lecture is suited to people who are already in the business and to those who are still studying who are keen to develop a professional and profitable practice.  It doesn't matter if you already have a website – or if you need to get one.  The content in this MasterClass is appropriate and useful to everyone who wants to really maximise their use of the internet as a marketing opportunity.

Jayney and Dave will send you away with heaps of tips that you can utilise right away to make a real difference to your business. 

Furthermore – we stay in touch with you after the event – we don't believe in just running a single day of training and then just leaving you to it . . . we're contactable by phone or email should you need help!

If you'd like to chat with us about this event – why not give our team a ring on 0845 129 8434 (Lo-Call rate).

Note: If you want to book more than one course you MUST call us so that we can apply your discount correctly.  Booking more than one MasterClass will entitle you to a further 10% off each subsequent course.

Once you book, we'll send you full details, a receipt that you'll need to bring with you and of course we'll send you your pre-workshop survey so that you can really get thinking about taking your business to the next level.

 See you there!

All MasterClasses With Jayney Goddard:Why not combine several Jayney Goddard MasterClasses as none of them repeat content from any other course.AND: you'll save money by booking multiple courses – and you'll save even more money if you book before the 31st December (and of course we offer special extra discounts to CMA Members).

January 22nd Morning

How to get New Clients the Easy Way
January 22nd Afternoon

How to Make More Profit (Ethically and Professionally) from YOUR Practice.

January 23rd Morning

Website Design that Gets Results + Search Engine Optimisation

January 23rd Afternoon

Business Building e-Newsletters to Get More Clients

January 24th Morning

Social Networking to get More Clients – Exacty what you need to do to maximise the value of social networking for your practice.

January 24th Afternoon

Building YOUR Professional Reputation Through The Media – Press and PR for Practitioners.

January 25th Morning

How to Give Outstanding Public Talks to Build YOUR Practice

January 25th Afternoon

Becoming an Expert Broadcaster on TV Radio, YouTube and Your Own Website


Jayney Goddard's MasterClasses Are Proven To work

Just a Few Testimonials From Previous Course Attendees

 "Jayney Goddard's workshop exceeded all the expectations! It was very clear and concise, well researched, highly relevant, thought provoking and informative. It gave me lots of new ideas and insights on how to take my therapy practice forward to a whole new level. Jayney's unique combination of charm, charisma, sense of humour and professionalism are always such an inspiration. Highly recommended!" Bianca Madison-Vuleta, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist, PNI Practitioner

May I thank you both for the most inspiring day, it has given me so much confidence and information to move forward and I intend to start my practice right now – after 3 years of waffling! Sally Ackerman

What an amazing day! I still can't believe the amount of ground we covered in such a short time and the workbooks ensured we came away with every scrap of that precious information safely to hand. I arrived very unsure of how I was going to keep my business going in the current economic climate. I left seeing it in a whole new light and armed with dozens of detailed ideas and strategies to take it to a new level. Don't miss this course! Janet Dedman, Holistic Therapist (Clinical Nutrition, Kinesiology, Allergy Testing, Reiki, IH Massage, EFT, Emotrance)

I’d like to give a testimonial to Dave for the personal critique he gave me which was worth at least 10 times the course fee. By applying JUST 2 of the strategies he suggested we have seen a 300% increase in enquiries to our full page adverts.  I also ran a special offer on stop smoking and from an investment of £720 in advertising costs I received £6,650 in fees! So if anyone is serious about running a successful complementary health business I strongly suggest they attend your Marketing workshop. Gary Foster DHyp., MIAPH., Consultant Hypnotherapist

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how incredibly valuable yesterday's workshop was for me. Although a little daunted by the mountain I must climb, I have faith in the guidance and knowledge that Jayney and Dave gave me and it was exactly what I needed. I am thinking about my USP today and am grateful to have a structure to work from. It was wonderful to meet you and thank you for the inspiration.
My best wishes, Juliet Lewis, Bach Flowers, Reiki and Theta Healer.

Thanks so much to Jayney and Dave for an exceptional course. It's an ideal package for the time-poor therapist with big ideas! So much packed in one day. Your and David's experience and approaches perfectly complement one another and were truly inspiring. I have since re-designed my adverts & leaflets based directly on what I learned on the course – simple, practical, no-nonsense advice – and the results are a transformation. As well as providing excellent course content, the whole day & input of fellow delegates sparked off loads of ideas in my head, and got me really motivated again. There is still a lot that I plan to put into practice, but I'm off to a flying start!   Vici, baby massage/yoga/music instructor, south London

A quick note to thank you for arranging Saturday's seminar. This was my first and will attend in the future even though my brain was definitely stretched! Once again many thanks,  Adem,  HomoeopathI did enjoy the workshop and was surprised that I actually had some of the things you suggested already in place.  However, I was able to take away fresh ideas and a renewed enthusiasm to get myself known in our new locality.  I felt as if I had been stood up and pointed in the right direction after having been given the confidence that I was a professional and an expert! Warm regards, Pauline

I thoroughly enjoyed the one-day workshop "Developing Your Professional Practice". It was both inspiring and hugely practical; packed full of the kind of valuable advice, information and resources that I need to ensure that I make a decent living out of my vocation. Thanks for a wonderful day. (Sarah Dickens, NLP Practitioner, Trainee Natural Juice Therapist) "I've recently attended a wonderful seminar titled "Developing Your Professional Practice" organised by CMA and presented by Jayney Goddard. The seminar was packed with really useful and practical information and tips for developing a successful professional practice. Jayney Goddard is an exceptional presenter. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and presentation style were absolutely superb. I would highly recommend this seminar to both young and experienced practitioners. You will learn great strategies to attract new clients and increase your profit. This is a seminar you cannot afford to miss!" With the very best wishes, Akcelina Cvijetic, Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, TFT Practitioner Dx

I thought the workshop was well presented and obviously there had been a lot of thought put into its content. The depth of knowledge and love of the subject shone through. The group asked some interesting questions which were answered fully and to the point. For me, the most important aspect of the workshop was that I felt supported and cared for. I felt that Jayney and Dave had our interests – as a group – at heart. Thank you very much to both of you. Workshop Testimonial from John Blosse

Last week I attended your workshop on 'Developing your Professional Practice' ……This week I have hit the ground running…

The day was filled with a good balance of teaching, questions and good practical answers. My attention could not have wandered even if it had wanted to.

I came away from your workshop not only with loads of good ideas of what I can do to get busier and how to be more professional but I also felt more positive, confident and motivated to get on and make things happen.

Thank you for a really interesting, practical and informative day. Also for the 'goodies' bag with all that useful information and helpful contacts. Many thanks, Best wishes, Androulla Kyprianou NAET, Naturopath, Homoeopath, EFT

Thanks to Jayney & Dave for an excellent day last week. I'm already making attempts to change my email address from yahoo to my own domain. I intend to work through your pack and build it into my own 'lifestyle plan' (I struggle with the term 'business plan'). The real world has been scary until now. with a proper plan (in progress) and belief in it plus another stream of income, I'm more confident I can make it as a therapist & entrepreneur. I'm fed up with being in shadow, doubting myself, surely it's time to emerge into light and boldly too. Darius Joseph

Thank you for a wonderful day, I really enjoyed it. I feel the workshop was extremely informative and will make a positive impact to my business. I am already looking forward to future meetings. Best Wishes, Chris

"Thanks so much for an informative and interesting day on Wednesday. The information you gave us was relevant, practical and easy to implement making it an extremely worthwhile experience. I feel full of inspiration and am already making use of the ideas you gave us to succeed in running a thriving Business." Amanda Atkins BA (Hons) Dip I.O.N (mBANT)

The workshop "Developing your Professional Practice" presented by Jayney Goddard was excellent. It was well presented, the content was both relevant and insightful and the day was logistically smooth.
Thank you Jayney!, Harry Dalford (Chairman of Trager UK)

The "Developing Your Professional Practice" Workshop delivered everything that it promised it would. Jayney and Dave were both inspirational speakers and shared their vast knowledge with us openly and honestly. The information was completely relevant and useful for my practice and I plan to begin implementing it all right away. The opportunity to network with other practitioners was also highly valuable. I cannot recommend this workshop enough – everyone should attend! Tanya Stocken Nutritional Coach
Refund Policy:We are unable to offer refunds once booked – but in the event that you find that you can't make the day – you may transfer your booking to another person – but you'd need to let us know at least 24 hours before the workshop. Bookings are not transferrable to future dates.

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