Website Development with WordPress

Website Development with WordPress
Event on 2015-09-05 10:00:00
Would a website help you achieve your personal or business dreams? Has the cost of having one made for you exceeded your budget expectations? Have you read how easy it is to make a website only to find yourself asking; where do I begin? Don't let any of these reasons block you from having your own website and new marketable skills.   Now you can have your website up in less than 10 hours and acquire profit-making trading skills; you don't have to spend months or years learning programming code or pay high website developer fees. Spend your time more productively and enjoyably working your website, blogging, or trading.   This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop a WordPress-based website or blog which looks sleek and professional. This project based course provides you with WordPress basics from software, add-ons, and plugins; you will learn how to insert images, videos and text which will attract visitors to your site and keep them interested and involved. You will learn how to use a range of plug-ins and tools which give you control over your site’s ongoing appeal and performance.   During the course we focus on the process and details of developing a website with WordPress from scratch. It is laid out in simple easy to follow steps. You will receive one-on-one assistance after each skill is introduced and explained by an expert instructor with years of experience in teaching and consulting website development and design with WordPress. You will learn how to modify WordPress templates; how to develop and customize WordPress pages; and, how to upload your pages to the web.   By the conclusion of this Website Development with WordPress course you will be capable of constructing and customizing a fully functional website as a marketable skill or for your own personal use.   THE WORDPRESS ADVANTAGES WordPress is an out-of-the-box turnkey solution with rich preinstalled features The user does not have to learn complex programming language like HTML, PHP or CSS Shorter learning curve where the user can create a highly interactive website in less time WordPress is an open source platform that is totally free Thousands of themes available for downloading and customizing to meet your requirements Over 37,000 plugins including: All In One SEO, Akismet, Robots Meta & SEO friendly images Built in dashboard and easy sidebar widget management make it easy to input, amend and edit posts, categories, themes, tools, widgets, settings and etcetera You can have your own domain name An integrated ping feature sends notices of updates to various search engines resulting in higher search engine results Google mail integration Best Blog Editor – bar none! Social Media Compatibility   Course Dates: The Website Development with WordPress course is ussually on offer during the first week of every month. Check back for more dates. If you have a group of 9 or more feel free to contact us to arrange your own course times and discounts.   Additional entry requirements Basic knowledge of computer browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google, or Opera; Word processing software such as Microsoft Word or; English skills at level B or higher according to the CEF (Common European Framework) guidelines; An email address; If you have a laptop you'll want to bring it to class so that you can bookmark key websites in your favourite browser. If you do not have a laptop a college computer will be supplied; A short description of your business or blog prepared in advance will save you time later and give you something to work with as you learn how to input content into your WordPress site.   We look forward to seeing you and your new website!  

at Auburn College at Cobalt Square
83-85 Hagley Rd , Ladywood
Birmingham, United Kingdom

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