Website Heatmapping and Real-time Analytics Experts SeeVolution Inc., Announces the Expected Launch of Application Upgrade

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Website analytics have met their match with the advanced application that the SeeVolution team has developed.

The Los Angeles-based company initially created a real-time analytics and website heatmapping program designed to bring webmasters a simple, clear way to optimize their website.

Once the SeeVolution script is added to a website, the webmaster has instant access to their sites real-time analytics. Hidden in a white dash located on the bottom left of the website, the login will then grant access to a toolbar that appears at the top of the website. This signature toolbar provides statistics including top pages, current visitors on site and daily traffic to name a few.

This toolbar also gives webmaster complete access to all of their sites most valuable statistics from the initial login to SeeVolution, to the log out of the program. Additional logins, additional credentials and navigation are eliminated. This feature alone takes away the stress of navigating away or searching for new login information.

Contained in the toolbar as well are website heatmaps that overlay on top of the current page. Heatmaps decipher areas of onsite visitor behavior using colored hotspots, numbers and percentages. SeeVolution currently has three different heatmap options: click heatmap, scroll heatmap, mouse movement heatmap.

Each heatmap provides specific stats that bring a webmaster an intuitive look at the happenings on their website. The mystery of visitor activity is finally solved, and easier to access than ever.

Having analytics like these at a webmasters fingertips lets them tailor their website based on visitor navigation, preferences, clicks, and more. Once they are able to figure out how their website is being perceived, optimization can come from a place of knowledge and information. The days of editing a website blind are over.

The companys new application promises to take website heatmapping and real-time analytics to and even higher and more efficient level.

Representatives from the company say Version 2.0 should be released in the coming weeks.

SeeVolution Inc. has been hailed on top tech blogs, and is expanding every day. The company promises to see large scale success within the year and on.

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