Website Owners Putting their Customers & Reputation at Risk from Malware & Viruses

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 27 September 2012

Leading free website monitoring service, from UK technology company TrafficCake, today announced that it had introduced SafeAlert a new feature of its service which monitors websites for malware and virsues.

Speaking at the launch of SafeAlert a StatusCake spokesman said:

We recognise the importance of online reputation. If your website is hacked and malicious code is injected into it youre putting your visitors at risk. You not only risk harming them, but ruining in minutes your business and reputation youve spent years building up.

SafeAlert will be available to all of StatusCakes paid account holders and is made available to them free of charge.

Asked why the service was free to all it’s paid account holders and not only its largest corporate customers the StatusCake spokesman continued:

We know that not everyone can afford the expensive alternatives to SafeAlert. These can cost tens of pounds, even hundreds of pounds per month how can a small web-master commercially justify that? And yet the danger is the same to everyone, no matter how small or large your website is. Thats why we think protecting your website visitors and reputation should be available and affordable to everyone.

The SafeAlert service will run alongside customers existing website monitoring services, so any customer having their website checked for downtime every 30 seconds will be screened by SafeAlert at the same rate. This means that website owners are immediately informed of any threat to their website the moment it is detected.

With SafeAlert from allowing website owners to monitor an unlimited number of websites for viruses and malware, the company hope that the introduction of SafeAlert makes using the internet a safer place for website visitors across the thousands of sites who use the StatusCake website monitoring product.

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About TrafficCake

TrafficCake is an online marketing and analytics company based in London. The company has featured in news and industry publications for both its product as well as its market-leading application a tool used by media buying teams and websites to determine whether the advertising they are purchasing is genuine and not fraudulent bot traffic.

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