website ranking – How to shoot the Penguin and get higher Website rankings

Download report @ We Survived Penguin And Actually Gained Rankings On Average…Because We Give Googlebot What It WANTS To See… Any time Google updates it’s engine in a big way, as it did in February of 2011 (Panda) and April of 2012 (Penguin),it’s certainly panic-attack time for those of us who generate tens-of-thousands of dollars’ worth of income each month from clients who trust us to deliver rankings, traffic, and actual sales in exchange for their hard-earned money. When Penguin appeared, we didn’t see much fluctuation in rankings initially…but within 48 hours our entire site portfolio turned upside down, with no clear reason for the sites that rose in rankings having been rewarded while the sites that fell were penalized. After about a week though our rankings finally stabilized enough that we were able to analyze the type of SEO tactics we had done on the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, enough to clearly pinpoint the differences between the two. As it turned out, the slight tweaks and changes that we had made to how we optimize our sites over the past few months before Penguin allowed those newer sites to perform better than the sites we hadn’t touched for over a year, and that discovery has become the reason that FastAttackPenguin now exists. ——–Everything We’ve Learned From Our Own Sites, Our Own Data, And Our Own Rankings, Drilled Down Into A Simple Repeatable Action Plan For Fast Results… FastAttackPenguin includes everything you need to start
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