Website University: WordPress 101

Website University: WordPress 101
Event on 2015-09-29 19:00:00
For Companies and Non-Profits: Save hundreds of dollars annually by maintaining your own website. Gain the ability to stay current in your customers’ eyes. For Individuals: Add a marketable skill to your resume. Make yourself more valuable to your company. This workshop is for those of you who have taken on or have been given the responsibility for maintaining a WordPress website for your company. The process of updating a website can feel intimidating, but there is really very little you can do to “break” a WordPress site. You’ll leave this class with the confidence to: •    Add pages and schedule blog posts •    Create links to other websites and to your own PDFs •    Add “anchors,” links that jump to a particular place in the text •    Alter the navigation menu •    Change slideshow images •    Create a form •    Change your sidebar widgets •    Learn legal best practices (Intellectual Property, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, etc.) •    Learn to do basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In 90 minutes you will learn how to perform all of the basic WordPress functions and gain resources for help in the future, should you need it.  Special guest, Michael J. Wieser, Esq., will be available to answer questions about legal issues. Bring your laptop to follow along or to illustrate questions you may have. E-mail Lynn Amos with additional topics you would like to have covered:

at Serendipity Labs, Inc.
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Rye, United States

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