Websitehowtomake.Com Covers the Essentials of Website Launching with Seven New Video Tutorials

(PRWEB) June 13, 2012

After weeks and months of hard work put into creating a website, launching it is probably the most exciting step. There are several steps that webmasters should take before making their website live and open to public. offers a new set of easy to understand video tutorials to help webmasters launch their websites the right way. With the help of seven video tutorials that cover a different lesson each, makes launching a website a simpler task.

One of the first steps essential before launching a website include optimizing the site for search engines and visitors. Webmasters should create a sitemap for their website to make it easier for visitors to find information quickly. Sitemaps display the entire website to visitors and make searching faster and easier. Creating a sitemap also aids easier indexing by submitting different pages from the website to all the major search engines. After the sitemap has been setup, webmasters should proceed by removing the access password to allow visitors to access the site. stresses upon the importance of tools like Google Webmaster Tools. These tools allow webmasters to monitor the website’s search queries and analyze the specific web pages that are getting results. Webmaster Tools identify which web pages are indexed by the search engine, monitor performance and scan the website for malicious software and other threats. also recommends the use of Google Analytics to monitor the website. This powerful tool displays vital information of visitors like the physical location, internet browser, number of pages visited, time spent on each page, and operating system, etc. These details help webmasters find the desirable demographic and optimize the website according to the information provided by Google Analytics. The tool helps webmasters analyze traffic and shows the origins of traffic whether direct or through search engines and other websites. Webmasters can also determine the keywords used to locate the website and incorporate them appropriately for better visibility. Video tutorials on illustrate the use of these tools and how they can be used to get the best results.

After setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, the website should then be submitted to different search engines. Websites can be submitted to search engines for free. illustrates this process through simple steps, allowing webmasters to quickly register the website and improve search engine rankings. The final step in launching a website includes incoming links. These links are vital for the visibility and popularity of a website. The search engine rankings of a website are mainly dependent on the number of incoming links. One video tutorial on focuses on building these links through keyword optimization and do-follow links. The tutorial also offers invaluable information and practical tips on making a website popular in relatively short time. Apart from touching upon established methods of website launching, the video tutorial also talks about sure fire ways to increase visibility and traffic of websites. Aspiring tech savvy professionals can benefit from the complete course on, now available at a subsidized rate of just $ 49.

About is a one stop online learning resource for aspiring webmasters, covering all the basics of building, launching and maintaining websites. The carefully planned curriculum touches upon all essential concepts like website design, content, navigation, security, and maintenance in an organized, step by step manner.

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